A Quick Introduction to OpenCV

Since Image Processing and Computer Vision now became my everydays work, I got more and more into using the Open Source library “OpenCV”. Even though the first steps in programming in C++ and OpenCV are challenging, I learned using it and enjoying it over the recent year.

I want to give back all that support I got from those people working on this library, but also helping me learning it with this little introduction. It’s focussed on the new commands in the API introduced in version 2.1.

Enjoy it!

Download here

3 Responses to “A Quick Introduction to OpenCV”

  1. Bernhard says:

    Ui. Ein Fachartikel. Find ich gut. Weiter so. :-)

  2. Mustafa says:

    Thank you for such a unique material. It is not easy to access such useful thing about OPENCV. I have started to learn OPENCV for a month and first steps are so challenging as you mentioned. If you allocate your attention, such as time to answer my few question or directing me to any useful document etc. , I will be so pleased and grateful. I will be waiting for your reply.


  3. Ricko says:

    Hi Davis,As far as i know, the image to .dat conversion must be done using Qualcomm’s web scerive I guess you won’t be able to implement that yourself, as the process to convert image to their .dat format must be close-source: it’s on this format and the technology that is behind this conversion that their SDK relies, and they probably don’t want anyone else to know what’s happening in there.

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